The JCS Pak. assumes that the author certifies before submission of their paper that "the work is original and conducted in the author's Laboratory and the content of this paper has not be published or submitted to any other Journal for publication".

All the papers submitted for publication should be accompanied by turnitin plagiarism report indicating similarity index upto the HEC allowable limits.

Manuscripts are furnished with the following prior to submission:

Manuscripts Organization:

·        Title of the manuscript.

·        Full names of authors with complete postal and e-mail addresses.

·        Corresponding author’s full content: Institutional mailing address, Phone numbers and e-mail address.

·        Summary of 300 words strictly.

·        Five to Six keywords.

The manuscript text should include the following sections in the given order:

Summary, Keywords, Introduction, Experimental, Results and Discussion, Conclusion/ Acknowledgements (financial and technical support as well as conflict of interest) and References, Tables and Figures (each on separate sheet). Figures and Tables must not be embed in the main text of the manuscript and provided as separate file. Authors should only use abbreviations sparingly and should always define an abbreviation when first used by placing it in parenthesis after the full term, eg., nuclear Overhuser effect (NOE), Butyrylcholinesterase (BChE), Heteronuclear multiple bond coherence (HMBC).

The metric system for all measurements should be expressed in lower case without a period (ml, nm, min etc). Structures: CS ChemDraw (version 5.0 or later) should be used for the illustration of chemical structures. Drawing Setting: chain angle 120, bond spacing 18 % of length, fixed length 0.25 in, bold with 0.0347 in, line width 0.0111 in, margin width 0.0278 in, hash spacing 0.0417 in, font Arial and 10 in size.

Text Specifications:

·        MS word (office 2003 or later).

·        Spacing: double.

·        Margins: 2.5 cm (all four sides).

·        Font style: Times New Roman.

·        Font size: 10 for normal text; 10 (bold) for headings and 12 (bold) for title of the manuscript title. Page size: A4

References guideline:

Books: [1] R. R. Stewart, In Flora of West Pakistan, An Annotated Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of West Pakistan and Kashmir, Fakhri Press, Karachi, p. 223 (1972).

Journal: [2] A. B. Saleem, M. K. Ali and C. H. Khan, Natural Inhibitors for Inhibiting the Production of Aflatoxins, J. Nat. Prod., 57, 1422 (2000).

Theses: [3] E. Ahmed, Ph.D. Thesis, Phytochemical Investigation on Haloxylon recurvum, Silybum marianum and Aerva persica, University of Karachi, (2006).

Patent: [4] J. L. Almendro, J. Martín, A. Sánchez and F. Nozal., Elektromagnetisches Signalhorn, Patent-DE29702195U (1998).  

Reviewing and promptness of publications

All papers submitted for publication will be immediately subjected to editorial scrutiny, usually in consultation with members of the Advisory Board. Every effort will be made to assess the papers quickly and the decision conveyed to the authors normally within 3 months of the receipt of manuscript. Gally Proofs of papers will be sent to the corresponding authors soon after acceptance.


By submitting a manuscript the authors agree that the copyright of their article is transferred to the publishers if and when the article is accepted for publication. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.


Authors are sent page proofs. To avoid delays in publication, proofs should be checked immediately for typographical errors and returned within 48 hours. Major changes are not acceptable at the proof stage. However, if such  changes are necessary, then a small charge may be made by the publishers.

Annual Subscription for Journal: Rs. 15,000.00 for Pakistani authors and for foreigner U.S. $ 400.00 including postage

Note: You are kindly requested to send the Certificate that the work reported in this manuscript is original, name the laboratories in which the work performed and this work has not been submitted anywhere else for publication.