Two zwitterionic stationary phases with largely corroborated capacities were obtained by attachment sulfobetaine monomers (H2C=CHC6H4CH2N+(CH3)2-CH2-SO3- and H2C=CHC6H4CH2N+(CH3)2-(CH2)5-SO3-) onto a PS/DVB particles were investigated for chromatographic separation of ranitidine hydrochloride. The different chain lengths are used as an investigative tool for the retention behavior of pharmaceutical ranitidine hydrochloride. The retention behavior of ranitidine hydrochloride was examined with eluent at various ACN contain, buffer concentrations and pH. The separation mechanism is based on partitioning in reversed phase and ZIC ion exchange resulting in a mixed mode for the ranitidine hydrochloride. A direct calibration graph was constructed for ZIC1 and ZIC5 columns and it was found that the linear range (10-1000, RSD% (0.41-1.55), LOD (1.55 and 2.56, LOQ (5.17 and 8.53, Recovery% (101.06 ± 1.15 and 100.47 ± 0.12) and Erel% (1.666 ± 0.78 and 0.47 ± 0.12), respectively.

Marwah Adnan Abbas and Ashraf Saad Rasheed