In this study, the thermodynamic and physical properties of poly(acetyl benzofuran methylmethacrylate) [poly(ABM)], poly(acetyl benzofuran methylmethacrylate%41-co-acrylonitrile) [poly(ABM%41-co-AN)] and poly(acetyl benzofuran methylmethacrylate%71-co-acrylonitrile) [poly(ABM%71-co-AN)] were researched by using inverse gas chromatography. Two groups of alcohols and alkanes with different chemical natures and polarities were used to determine certain properties of [poly(ABM), poly(ABM%41-co-AN) and poly(ABM%71-co-AN)]-solute systems. The specific retention volume, Vg0, glass transition temperature, Tg; adsorption enthalpy, ∆Ha; the sorption enthalpy, ∆H1S; sorption free energy, ∆G1S; sorption entropy, ∆S1S; the weight fraction activity coefficients of solute probes at infinite dilution, Ω1, partial molar enthalpy of solute probes at infinite dilution, ∆H1∞; and Flory-Huggins interaction parameters, χ12∞; between polymer and solvents were determined in the temperature range of 493-343 K for poly(ABM) and 473-343 K for poly(ABM%41-coAN)-poly(ABM%71-coAN). Also, the solubility parameters of poly(ABM), poly(ABM%41-coAN) and poly(ABM%71-coAN) at infinite dilution were found out by plotting the graph of [12 – (∆G1∞/V1)] versus solubility parameters, 1, of the probes.

Mustafa Hamdi Karagöz and Özkan Bolat