Light weight materials and specially composites are being investigated to replace metallic materials. In this research work, fiber reinforced composites are fabricated and investigated. Wood-Plastic Composites (WPCs) are developed which contain cellulosic fiberous-wood as fiber and Poly(vinylchloride) PVC thermoplastic as matrix materials. A compatibilizer was developed to make better adhesion between hydrophobic PVC matrix and hydrophilic wood fibers. Different grades of WPC were manufactured by varying the relative percentages of PVC and cellulosic wood fibers. WPC’s were characterized mechanically and rheologically by employing Universal Testing Machine (UTM), impact tester, Melt Flow Index (MFI) tester and melting point apparatus. Tensile mechanical testing showed that mechanical strength was improved with increasing fiber concentration but to a limit of 50 weight % fibers. Rheological testing also illustrated that the tackiness increased by increasing fiber contents.

Muhammad Zeshan Ali and Atif Javaid