The Nelumbium Nucifera seed oil (3.62%) was examined for their fatty acid composition. The oil was extracted from the ground seeds with a solvent mixture of chloroform and methonal (2:lv/v) and its different physil;ochemical values were evaluated. The oil was resolved by thin layer chromatography into hydrocarbon (0.58), wax ester (7.68%), triglycerides (60.54%), free fatty acids(l 9. 17%), 1,3 diglycerides (1.04%), monoglycerides (3.05%) by using hexane,diethyl ether and acetic acid(80:20:2 v/v/v) solvent system.The %age of polar lipids in the oil was(6.68%). Tho oil and its lipid fractions except hydrocarbon were converted into methyl esters and analyzed for their fatty acid composition by application of gas chromatography.