This manuscript has reported the micellar interaction of cationic triphenylmethane-based dye "Victoria Blue-B (VBB)". The study was conducted using ionic surfactants viz. Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB)] Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (SDS), and Sodium Docusate (SD). The behavior of dye in micellar media at concentration ranges of the surfactants mentioned above was monitored by UV-vis absorption spectroscopic study. The solubilization parameters to reveal the interaction of cationic dye in micellar media were assessed. The mathematical calculations of partition constant (Kc), partition coefficient (Kx), binding coefficient (Kb), Gibb’s free energy for partition (ΔGp) and binding (ΔGb) were derived from UV–Vis absorption data. The presence of anionic surfactants caused more bathochromic shifts in the maximum absorption of the dye, which was indicative of strong interactions as compared to the cationic surfactant.

Sadia Noor, Iram Naz and Muhammad Babar Taj