Chicken is a common type of meat source in our food. It is fed with the feed containing small pieces of leather having Cr (VI) which persisted in it during chrome tanning process. The core purpose of present study was to determine the concentration of Cr (VI) in different body parts of chicken like leg, arm, head, heart, liver and bone. Estimation of Cr (VI) was done by preparing the sample solutions after ashing and digestion with nitric acid, by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The results depicted that the meat part of leg had higher mean concentration (1.266 mg/kg) with 0.037 mg/kg standard error while the lowest average concentration was found in arm (0.233 mg/kg) with standard error as 0.019 mg/kg. In case of bones, the maximum mean concentration was found in head (1.433 mg/kg) with standard error as 0.670 mg/kg. The concentration of Cr (VI) was not found similar in meat and bones of chicken by employing Kruskal Wallis Test.