A solvent extraction was applied using liquid ion exchange as a sensitive method to extract Germanium (IV) as anion complex K[GeO2(OH)2]- from basic media of KOH by used DB18C6 as a ligand dissolved in chloroform to form the ion pair association complex K-DB18C6+; K[GeO2(OH)2]-, the maximum wavelength of the extracted complex was λmax=290nm, and molar absorptive 1.269×103 L/mol.cm. the Beer's –lambert law was adhered to within the specified range (1-20)ppm. The limits of detection and quantity were 0.034 and 0.102 ppm, respectively. The research studied optimal conditions of extraction efficiency, such as KOH concentration, shaking time, methanol effect, and electrolyte effect. In addition, a new spectrophotometric method was utilized to determine the remain of Ge(IV) in aqueous solutions and to calculate its distribution ratio (D) using Janus green B. This method was more sensitive when comparing the results with previous studies. DB18C6 as a ligand was used to determine Germanium (IV) in some canned foods widely sold in Iraq.

Safa Majeed Hameed, Sahar Aqeel Hussain, Mohammed Alaa Abdulzahra, and Fawzi Yahya Wadday