Four narrow molecular weight distributed fraction of phenolphthalein poly (aryl ether sulfone) (PES) were studied in CHCl3 by static laser light scattering LLS, and viscometry at 25 oC. From static the weight-average molecular weight (Mw), z-average radii of gyration;<Rs2> ½ second virial coefficients A2 of the PES samples were determined. From viscometry, the reduced and intrinsic viscosities of all the fractions were measured and the corresponding intrinsic viscosities were determined. The intrinsic viscosities scaled with their molecular weight obtained through static LLS, yielding a Mark-Houwink equation of [h} = 4.42 x 10-2 M0.686. The exponent value indicates that PES in CHCL3 has a coil chain conformation. The value of αh obtained from viscosity is comparable with αD obtained previously from dynamic LLS.