Monolayer HNb3O8 nanosheets, as a platform, were prepared for investigating the mechanism of photosensitized degradation of RhB. We found that RhB molecules were capable to absorb on HNb3O8 nanosheets via a strong interaction between the –N(Et)2 group in RhB molecules and surface Lewis acid sites on HNb3O8 nanosheets, contribution to an easier oxidation of RhB molecules. Thanks to the suitable conduction band of HNb3O8 nanosheets, electrons transferred from excited RhB to HNb3O8 nanosheets effectively and reduced the dissolved O2 in the reaction solution into O2-• immediately, resulting in the efficient photosensitized degradation of RhB.

Jinhua Xiong, Jiahang Chen, Xueqing Shao, Xiuzhen Liu, Lingyan Fu