This paper presents the comprehensive quality of ground water contamination due to tannery effluent in different localities of Kasur. Samples were collected from 22 wells both residential and tanneries areas and investigated for physicochemical parameters like pH, conductance, total dissolved solids, alkalinity, chlorides sulfates, nitrates, calcium magnesium, sodium and potassium ions .The levels of these parameters were compared with the WHO guidelines for drinking water standards. The sampling sites closer to tannery areas were more affected than the residential areas. Chlorides, sulfates, total dissolved solids , nitrates, sodium and calcium values  13.6 %, 50 %, 36.3 %, 36 %, 68 % and 73.7 % of samples have exceeded the WHO limits. The given analysis supports the fact that tannery effluent is one of the major causes of ground water contamination.