An improved first order derivative spectrophotometric method for the determination of orphenadrine citrate in pure and pharmaceutical preparation was developed. Orphenadrine citrate reacts with 1- amino naphthalene and sodium nitrate. After heating for 180s at 70oC to give a yellow having maximum absorbance at 476.3nm. The reaction is selective for orphenadrine citrate with 4.0mg-23.0 mg/ml as visual limits of quantitation. The color reaction obeys beer’s Law from 4.0mg-230mg/ml of orphenadrine step. Mean recoveries were found to be greater than 99.5 in the method for orphenadrine citrate in its synthesis mixtures. The quantitative assessment of tolerable amount of other drugs was also studied. Doubly distilled water or analytical grade ethyl alcohol was used as a solvent throughout the study.