The quality of dnnk1l1g water is equally Important for every human being and when the concerned consumer of water IS a young citizen, the Importance of evaluation of drink,"g water quality becomes more eVident In the present study twenty three (23) samples of dnnklng water, collected from different colleges of Karachi city were evaluated for different phySical and chcnllcal parameters. The concentration of major chemical constituents like calcium, magnesIUm, sodium, potaSSium, chlonde, sulfate and fluonde were analyzed," the range of (33-48) mgl L,(9-80) mg L, (30-470) mg/ L, (4.9-7. I) mg/ L, (42- 688) mg/ L (32­214) mgl Land (075-1 13) mg L respectively. The quality of this water was compared with USEPA and WHO dnnking water standards and was found to be with," the permissible Iimlls in all of the samples excluding one, collected from Zamzama College, Clifton, whereas with reference to the concentration of nitrate 48 % samples were found to be with elevated levels of nitrate as nitrogen, according to both the WHO and USEPA guidelines, making the water unfit for human consumption. Further more data was statistically evaluated by normal distribution analysis