Two new methods for the determination of olanzapine, based, on UV spectro photometry and non-aqueous titration, have been developed. The UV absorbance of the methanolic solution of olanzapine was measured at 2.26nm. the method obey Beer’s Law from 0.1 mg to 50 ug/ml and the inter-day precision of UV procedure is 97%. The non-aqueous titration was carried out by titrating olanzapine withy 0.1 N perchloric acid, using naphthobenzene as an insicator, and the inter-day precision is 0.35%. the developed procedures provide a basis for a new spectrophotometric  and a non-aqueous titrimetric determination of olanzapine. The quantative assessment of tolerable amount of commonly used excepients and other similar acting drugs were also studied for both the procedures. The proposed methods were applied to the analysis of pure and pharmaceutical dosage form of olanzapine. The percentage recovery in both the procedures lies between 99.0 and 100.67%.