In this study four catalysts (ƴ –Alumina, α- Alumina, silica gel and silica ppt) with different physicochemical characteristics were tested for the pyrolysis of polystyrene (PS) under inert atmosphere in the temperature range 200-650 °C at heating rate 5 °C/min. The silica gel a mesoporous catalyst, with a greater pore size and surface area was found to be the most active materials in terms of reduction in maximum temperature. The ƴ –Alumina catalyst also shows good result because of the acidic sites, surface area, and pores size, however, its degradation effect is less than silica gel. The effect of α- Alumina catalyst on the pyrolysis of PS is less pronounced due to its small surface area, pore size and lack of acidic sites on its surface. The effects of these catalysts show that surface area, number of acidic sites and pore size were observed as the key factors for effective degradation of polymers.

Jan Nisar, Muhammad Sufaid Khan, Ghulam Ali, Afzal Shah, Rafaqat Ali Khan, Faheem Shah, Sirajuddin, Syed Tufail Hussain Sherazi and Munawar Iqbal