FeSe-WSe2 composite photocatalyst was synthesized by a facile one-pot hydrothermal reaction with WSe2, sodium selenite (Na2SeO3), hydrazine hydrate (N2H4·H2O), hydrochloric acid (HCl), and Ferric chloride (FeCl3). Different ratios of FeSe-WSe2 composite photocatalysts were synthesized according to different Fe content, and FeSe-WSe2 was characterized by XRD, SEM, UV-vis DRS and XPS. At the same time, the photocatalytic performance and catalytic mechanism of the composite photocatalyst were explored through the degradation of methylene blue (MB) by the composite. The experimental results show that under the best experimental conditions, the 37at% (Atomic ratio) FeSe-WSe2 composite has the best removal effect on MB solution, and the removal rate reaches 99.8%. This shows that there is a synergistic effect of photocatalysis and Fenton reaction, which greatly improves the degradation ability of pollutants of FeSe-WSe2. Since the degradation of pollutants by photo Fenton is carried out under neutral conditions, it is more conducive to future applications in actual production.

Chongchong Yan, Wenxiang Zhao, Jinyu Zhou, Yanan Liu and Jun Wan