The main scope of this study is investigating the hydrogen storage and desorption performance of Mg: Al (90:10), Mg17Al12 and Mg2Al3 alloys using a volumetric method. In the experiments, hydrogen pressure introduced into a reference volume was at approximately 20 Bar. Mg-Al alloys were prepared by a powder metallurgy technique. Pressing pressure levels of alloys were altered as 200, 400 and 600 MPa. Upon XRD patterns, after the pressing and sintering, β-Mg2Al3 and Mg:Al(90:10) phases decomposed into γ-Mg17Al12, Mg and Al compositions. γ-Mg17Al12 was the main phase in the hydrogen absorption/desorption process. The highest absorption of hydrogen was observed in the Mg:Al (90:10) alloys. The hydrogen desorption performance of the alloys decreased with the increase of absorption performance. Therefore the lowest desorption was observed in the Mg:Al (90:10) alloys.

Muhammet Ali Nalbant and Özlem Korkut