The present investigation was carried out to study the solution properties of Poly(methylemethacrylate) PMMA in acetone by viscometric technique. Viscosity of six samples of PMMA in the molecular weight range, 3.35xI0· to 2.132xIO·, was studied at 10­30°C, with 5°C interval.The reduced viscosity data were employed to determine the intrinsic viscosity[TJ], Huggin's constant (KH) and Kraemer's constant (KK) at different temperatures. From the calculated values of the intrinsic viscosity and molecular weights the Mark-Houwink equation parameters 'K' and 'a' were estimated at different temperatures. The values of 'K' and 'a' support the idea that acetone is a good solvent for PMMA. Inter (KH1 () and intra-molecular (KH( I) Huggin's coefficients were calculated for different PMMA samples. It was observed that the intra molecular attraction increases with rise in molecular weight of the polymer.