The objective of the present study was to investigate the correlation between the sodium and aluminium oxide concentrations of aluminate solution samples from Seydi~ehir, Turkey. The ultimate purpose of this paper is to find a mathematical relationship between the dimensionless concentration ratios of aluminium and sodium oxides. For thjs purpose, the observed aluminium oxide concentrations were used to generate an empirical relationship: A, =1.013 . A2 . N,·o.284 . N2o.284 where, A, is the aluminium oxide concentrations (gIl), A2 is the mean aluminium oxide concentrations, Nt is the sodium oxide concentration (g/l) and N2 is the mean sodium oxide concentration. A plot of Ln (A,/A2) versus Ln (NtIN2) as nondimensional variables gave a straight line for the present system. Such an empirical relationship facilitates the estimation of aluminium oxide concentrations from the sodium oxide concentrations measurements.