Ternary nanocomposite (Gum Arabic / PVA / Alginate) adsorbent was prepared by a cost effective method for dyes removal, because gum arabic and alginate are the cheapest materials. Gum arabic is a natural gum. Alginate that has long carboxylate functional group is a biosorbent. In this study, Gum arabic/PVA/Alginate was prepared that this absorbent has the high specific surface area. BET was measured as 12.93 m2/g. Swelling of adsorbent was determined at different pH. For the maximum swelling ratio was obtained at pH 6.887, adsorption experiments were studied by the batch method. Freundlich, BET and Langmuir isotherm methods were applied at different concentrations and constant temperature 25o C. Finally, the adsorption capacity of the nanocomposite was calculated as 200 mgg-1. The different adsorption kinetic models were studied at temperature from 25°C to 45°C and different concentrations. The thermodynamic parameters as ΔHo, ΔGo, and ΔSo were calculated.

Selcan Karakuş, Sedef Şişmanoğlu, Gizem Akdut, Öykü Ürk, 1Ezgi Tan, Tuba Şişmanoğlu and Ayben Kilislioğlu