In this work, three-dimensional mesoporous MnO2, K/MnO2, Pt/MnO2 and K-Pt/MnO2 catalysts were prepared through hard-template method. The additional K/Pt had significantly improved the HCHO oxidation activity. The K-Pt/MnO2 catalyzed complete HCHO oxidation was achieved at 0℃ with space velocity (GHSV) at 50000 ml/(g·h). With the excellent catalytic performance, K-Pt/MnO2 exhibited a higher ratio of Oads(surface adsorbed oxygen)/Olatt(surface lattice oxygen) and Mn3+/Mn4+ ions than the other catalysts. Meanwhile, it was still stable after running a 70h reaction. Overall, the K-Pt/MnO2 was a promising material for HCHO elimination.

Shengnan Guan, Wenzhi Li, Jianru Ma, Qingchuan Liu, Kun Chen and Qi Zhang