Drinking water samples were collected from different localities of Swat District and investigated for the physical and chemical parameters. The findings of the research work show that; pH was 6.8-8.1, electrical conductivity was in the range of 0.001-0.43 mS, total hardness was 70-275 mg/ L, alkalinity as CaCO3 was 58.8-347.9 mg/ L, Chloride was 4.5-35 mg/ L, sulphates was in the range of 3.45-6.54 mg/ L, nitrite was 0.00123 – 0.0086 mg/ L, nitrite was 0-4.55 mg/ L, Phosphate was 0.019 – 0.956 mg/ L and fluoride was 0.0012 – 0.0096 mg/ L. Iron was in the range of 0.1 – 0.956 mg/ L, copper 0.147- 0.780 mg/ L, manganese 0.123 – 0.463 mg/ L, sodium 1- 5.0 mg/ L and potassium 0 – 1.5 mg/ L. The values were compared with the standard of WHO and it was found that all parameters are within the permissible limit and hence cause no harmful effect to the human health