The thiosemicarbazone Schiff base ligand is very important segment for chemistry, more specifically coordination chemistry. These compounds and their complexes widely used as medicinal agents for different lethal diseases such as cancer and other contagious disease caused by bacteria. The coordinated metal (coinage) complexes exhibited higher activities than free ligand for all the biological investigation of anticancer and antibacterial activities. The TSCs ligands having polydentate S-N-O coordinating sites. The mode of coordination of these ligands is flexible, it can act as tridentate or bidentate ligand. These ligand form mostly square planar complexes with copper, silver and gold metal ions. This research content could guide to identify the synthesized biomaterial. In this review, copper, silver, gold complexes are comprehensively summarized, and their activities and mechanism are documented. This review will provide very cut-edge guide of TSCs and their complexes to use in different field.

Md. Mohiuddin and Md. Azharul Arafath