Analysis of trace metals Cr, Fe, Pb, Zn and Hg was conducted in the industrial wastewater at different location (Korangi Industrial Area stream and SITE stream) using standard methods for analysis. Some physiochemical parameters like pH, phosphate, total Dissolved solids, BOD and COD were also investigated. It was found that the toxic contents are more in the stream flowing along SITE, where as the Korangi industrial Area stream contains fewer amounts of  toxic metals the maximum levels of Pb was observed (0.9mg/L) in Korangi stream and mercury was found (0.225mg/L) in SITE> chromium found under the permissible range (0.960 mg/L) in Korangi and (0.915 mg/L) in SITE> these two streams are also one of found to bringing of a lot of toxic substance along with water all two streams are one of major sources of toxic substances for the Arabian sea especially for Karachi costal area.