The chitosan was cross linked with ethylene diamine and trepthaldehyde (CM-Chitosan) through Schiff base reaction. The chitosan was successfully cross linked as confirmed by FT-IR spectrometer. The morphological analysis illustrated that CM-Chitosan surface is porous/rough than neat chitosan. The CM-Chitosan and Chitosan were employed as an adsorbent for the elimination of Cu+2 and Pb+2 ions from aqueous solution. The CM-chitosan adsorbed 8.96 and 2.09 mmol/g while neat chitosan removed 6.71 and 1.58 mmol/g of Cu+2 and Pb+2 ions, respectively. The adsorption data was also best fitted to Freundlich and Temkin model.

Samina Begum, Syed Nusrat Shah, Falak Naz, Khalid Saeed