Commercial grabular charcoal was evacuated at 105,300 and 800oC. The effect of evacuation on pH of charcoal solution was studied. The pH showed considerable increase with evacuation. The infrared (IR) spectra of the charcoal samples before and after evacuation these temperature was also recorded and also recorded and interpreted for the presence of both acidic and basis groups, found in the charcoal ,matrix. Acidic group showed considerable decrease with increase in evacuation from 105 to 800 oC while no effect was found for basic group. The absorption studies of two dyes,, methyl orange (acidic) and mthylene blue (basis) were conducted at all the three evacuated granular charcoal samples at 25oC as function of string time, concentration and evacuation. Adsorption equilibrium was established at four hours in case of both the dyes irrespective of their nature, concentration of dyes at equilibrium temperature. Evacuation showed a positive effect on the adsorption of dyes at equilibrium time, however highest adsorption was found at 800oC. The adsorption data was also applied to freundlich and langmur isotherms.