few reactions of K2S207, KMn04, Ce(S04)2 and FeC13 with K2C204 in molten alkali metal nitrate eutectic were investigated. The products were characterized by elemental analysis, thermogravimetric and x-ray powder difraction techniques. Potassium pyrosulphate reacted with the melt to form sulphate and nitryl (N02-) ions. Later N02- is reduced by oxalate ion giving N02 and CO2. Potassium permanganate was reduced by oxalate ion to form a mixed valence oxide ion, Mn30g4- and CO2• Cerium (IV) sulphate and iron (III) chloride were simply reduced to Ce(llI) and Fe(lI) ions through one electron transfer by oxalate ion. Their oxalates were separated from the melt and characterized.When excess of oxalic acid was reacted with K2Cr207 or K2Cr04, it produced a well known oxalate complex, K3 [Cr(C204)3].