Aqueous acid nickel chloride and alkaline nickel sulphate bath were studied for electroless nickel plating on acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) plastic. Before electroless nickel plating, specimens were etched, sensitized and activated. Effect of sodium hypophosphite and sodium citrate concentrations on the electoless nickel chloride nickel plating thickness were discussed. Aqueous acid nickel chloride bath comprising, nickel chloride 10 g/L, sodium hypophosphite 40 g/L, sodium citrate 40 g/L at pH 5.5, temperature 85OC and density of Be for thirty minutes gave best coating thickness in micrometer, it was found that acid nickel chloride bath had a greater stability, wide operating range and better coating thickness results than alkaline nickel sulphate bath. Acid nickel chloride bath gave better coating thickness than alkaline nickel sulfate bath.