The CD and absorption spectra of mononuclear [Co(R-pn(BAA)(2))], [Ni(R-pn(BAA)(2))]. H2O and [Fe(R-pn(BAA)(2))] in three solvents i.e. Acentonitrile, chloroform and dioxane are reported. The CD of these complexes is influenced by the solvent. These studies indicate that metal ion in [Fe(R-pn(BAA)(2))] shifts from O-2-O-2 to N-2-O-2 compartment of the ligand in acetonitrile and dioxane solutions while in chloroform solution it is predominantly bonded to O-2-O-2 part. The CD bands of these complexes are interpreted in terms of electronic excitations to unidimensional levels. Further, Delta absolute configuration around the metal ions is assigned to these complexes.