Samples from Phulleli canal and sewage water being added to this canal while passing through Hyderabad city was monitored for metal contents using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer (FAAS). Twelve sampling stations were selected 7 from Phulleli canal and 5 from sewage water. Samples were collected at the interval of 6-8 weeks during 1993-95. Sodium(I), potassium(I), calcium(II) and magnesium(II) were determined after appropriate dilution and their average amounts were within the range of 5.8 - 173.0 mug/L in Phulleli canal and 43 - 527 mug/L in Hyderabad sewage, whereas copper(LI), cobalt(II), cadmium(II), iron(II), manganese(II), nickel(Il), lead(II) and zinc(II) were determined by complexation with ammonium pyrrolidine dithiocarbmate (APDC) and 8-hydroxyquinoline (oxine) followed by extraction in methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK). Alter back extraction, metal contents were determined in aqueous phase. Their values varied within 4-130 mug/L and 6.5 - 380 mug/L, expect iron whose values varied upto 930 - 1360 mug/L and 830 - 2670 mug/L in Phulleli canal and sewage water respectively. Variation in metal contents with the water discharge in the Phulleli canal and sewage water added was determined to evaluate the distribution of metal contents in Phulleli canal.