The influence of cations (Na" K" ea2+, M~, Fe2" Fe3" A13+, eu2+ and Ba~ on the pyrolysis behavior of high volatile bituminous coal from middle seam Kost-Sharigh-Hamai coalfield Baluchistan under flash heating conditions was investigated using open tubular type pyrolyzer. Initial pyrolysis experiments were performed with de-mineralized and ion exchanged coal samples at 650 ·C. The production of methane, ethane, ethylene, propylene + propane, I-butene, n-butane. I-pentene, n-pentane and benzene was monitored gas chromatog,:aphically. The addition of metal ions showed variable effect on the yield of pyrolysis products. The yield of benzene increased 5-6 fold for ea and Mg exchanged coal compared to de-mineralized coal. Effect oftemperature on the yield of benzene was explored over the temperature range 500-800 ·C for the pyrolysis of ea and Mg exchanged coal. The yield of benzene was higher than the de-mineralized coal at all temperatures and showed a decrease with increase in temperature.