District Bhimber is situated at foot hills at 275-975 meters above sea level with 1516 sq K.M area with subtropical type climate and around population 3 million. Five main pounds of district Bhimber Azad Jammu and Kashmir state were selected for the physicochemical analysis. The samples were collected and analyzed in three seasons (summer, winter and autumn) during 2004-2005. The water samples were found within the range pH 6.56-7.54 conductivity 310-503 mS/cm, TDS 198-322 mg/L, Sulphate 20.6-91.33 mg/L, chlorides 55-80 mg/L, Nitrite 0.02-0.155 mg/L, Nitrate 0.794-1.42 mg/L, ortho-Phosphate 0.112-0.254mg/L, total phosphate 0.154-10.312 mg/L, magnesium 3.2-7.2 mg/L, Sodium 17.7-52.8 mg/L, potassium 2.15-8.83 mg/L, calcium 13.7-25.1 mg/L, magnesium 3.2-7.2 mg/L, Pb 0.009-0.057 mg/L. the results obtained were compared with WHO standards for drinking water and with each of the parameters investigated were found within the permissible limit but concentration of Pb, Cd and organic, nitrogen crossed the limits. The water of five ponds is suitable for human consumption, aquatic life as well as for agricultural purposes.