Europium and Samarium in wheat were determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) after flow injection on-line separation and preconcentration with P507 resin micro-column. The enhancement factors of 20 and 17 were achieved for samarium and europium, respectively. The instrumental detection limits were 0.00016 ng/ml and 0.000058 ng/ml for samarium and europium, respectively. The sample throughput was 13 s/h. The developed method was applied to analyze GBW 07605 certified tea reference material and the results were in good agreement with the certified values. The method was also assessed for determination of samarium and europium in wheat samples and the distribution of europium and samarium in different parts of wheat were discussed.

Yong Zhang, Zhihua Ning, Luzhi Sui and Hao Zhong