Heavy trace metal content of thirty three vegetable samples procured from local markets/farms of Rawalpindi/Islamabad is estimated by wet digestion atomic absorption method. The metals include Fe, As, Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr and Ni. The families of vegetables investigated include: Cucurbitaceae, Solanaceae, Cruciferae, Liliaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Leguminosae, Umbelliferae, Araceae, Malvaceae, Zingiberaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Compositae and Labiatae. The data are reported at 99% (+/- 2S) confidence level for triplicate measurements with an overall reproducibility within +/- 1% compared with standard samples. Comparison of avererages through t-test indicates that each vegetable group is distinctly different from other in terms of heavy trace metal content. Maxima Fe concentration was shown by parsley at 29.515 mu g/g, dry weight. Nickel was found to be 1.985 mu g/g (dry weight) in carrot (edible part-root) in the vegetable family Umbelliferae. Arsenic was not found above detection limit except in ghia tori (edible part-fruit) of Cucurbitaceae family which had As at 0.445 mu g/g, dry weight. With a couple of exceptions, the overall trace metal levels in the vegetables investigated were found to be within the safe limits laid down for human consumption.