Biosorption of Mn (II) from aqueous solution by P. ostreatus was investigated at different concentrations, pH and temperature. The close agreement between the experimental and theoretical biosorption capacity confirmed that Pseudo 2nd order equation is best fitted to the present experimental data. The biosorption capacity of P. ostreatus was observed to be dependent upon the pH and temperature of adsorption system. The values of biosorption maxima (Xm) and binding energy constant (Kb) were observed to decrease with rise in temperature in the range of 298 – 323K. The negative values of ΔG and ΔH showed the process of Mn (II) biosorpt ion onto P. ostreatus is spontaneous and exothermic respectively. Similarly, t he values of isosteric heat of biosorption ( ) were decreased with increase in surface coverage (ɵ) which indicated that the surface of the P. ost reatus is energetically heterogeneous in nature.

Abdul Naeem Afsar Khan, Tahira Mahmood, Mairman Muska, Salah Ud Din, Muhammad Saleem Khan1, Muhammad Hamayun and Muhammad Waseem