Molybdenum (VI) was determined spectrophotometrically with bromopyrogallol red as complexing reagent in aqueous. Phase in presence of a non-ionic surfactant.Tween 80 Beer’s law is obeyed, over the concentration range 0.6-1.mgmnL-1 with the detection limit 0.12 ngmL-1. The lmax molar adsorption, molar adsorptivity and sandell’s sensitivity were 480 nm. emax = (x 104 mol-1 cm-1) 0.6 and (15.9) ngcm-2. Validation of this has been made by comparing the results with those obtained by flame AAS, no significant difference was noted between the two methods at 95% confidence interval. The method is simple, accurate and economical and has been applied for the determination of molybdenum (VI) in industrial waste water samples.