Mesoporous materials are widely used as catalysts, adsorbents and supports due to their advantages such as narrow pore size distribution, large surface area and long-range order. In the present study, MCM-48 mesoporous material was synthesized at room temperature by using cetyltrimethylammoniumbromide as a structure directing agent. The catalytic activity of MCM-48 was improved by the incorporation of either single metal (Co) or two metal atoms (Co and Mn). Techniques such as SEM, TGA, BET and FTIR were used to characterize the as synthesized catalysts. The catalytic activity of the as prepared catalyst was investigated for the oxidation of toluene using hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizing agent and the reaction products were analyzed by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. The results revealed that only benzaldehyde was obtained over Co-MCM-48 while a mixture of benzaldehyde and benzyl alcohol was obtained over CoMn-MCM-48. These results confirmed that both catalysts have high stability and activity for the oxidation of toluene.

Sana Ahmad, Khushnood Yasin and Asma Tufail Shah