A  coal sample  obtained from Khushab   District northern Punjab was characterized for various   parameters of coal analysis. It we found from the   ultimate and proximate analysis that fmad carbon is a lightly above 40%, which shows that this coal has not reached its maturity and can be ranked between peat and lignite.  It was also found that it contain about 2.98% total sulfur, which is an indication that  it can be used for metallurgical purposes. The coal has been desulfurized with KOH, NaOH  and HNO3  and the sulfur percentage has decreased   to 0.001%, 0.01% and  0.006% respectively with these leachants. Calorific value  of virgin coal (untreated sample)  has  been  found  to  be  6195 calories/g  but  has increased  to 10448  calories/g  after particularly being leached with (KOH).The coal  was  also leached with hydrochloric acid  and nitric acid  to determine the Icachability of   these two   acids   for  mineral elements  such  a    copper (Cu),   iron  (Fe),  calcium  (Cs), magnesium  (Mg),  nickel  (Ni), mangnesium (Mn), chromium (Cr) and  cadmium  (Cd).  It  we found that a very reasonable amount of these minerals could be extracted with these leachants.