The preparation of vegetable oil-water emulsions stabilized by soybean protein and microgel is described. The soybean protein was obtained from n-hexane-defatted soybean powder using a Soxhlet extractor. Using equal volumes of oil and water, vegetable oil-water emulsions were formed either by handshaking the mixture or homogenizing the mixture using a Lab homogenizer. The emulsion was characterized using a drop test and microscopy observation. The drop test shows that the preferred emulsion is vegetable oil-in-water (o/w). The effect of salt and emulsifier concentration on the stability and emulsion drop size was investigated. Emulsions stabilized by soybean protein without addition of salt breakdown after 3 days of preparation because of decomposition of the protein. For emulsions stabilized by microgel in the absence of salt, phase separation occurred within 1 hour. At a fixed salt concentration, it was found that increasing the emulsifier concentration has a significant effect on the stability and drop size of the emulsions stabilized by both protein and microgel. For emulsions stabilized by soybean protein, the stability of emulsions increased with increasing salt concentration without any significant influence on the drop size. The results obtained from the surface tension measurement revealed that different mechanisms of stabilization exist in emulsions stabilized by the protein and microgel.

Samuel Olalekan Olusanya, Gbenga Joseph Adebayo, Samuel Olutayo. Afolabi and Adewumi Oluwasogo Dada