Circular Dichroism (CD) spectra of a series of mixed ligand complex ions such as cis-[Cr(phen)2Cl2]+, [Cr(phen)2ox]+, cis-[Cr(bpy)2Cl2]+, [Cr(bpy)2gly]2+ and cis-(Cr(bpy)2(H2O)2]3+, (phen 1,10 phenanthroline, bpy 2,2'- bipyridyl, gly glycinate and ox oxalate ion) in presence of (+)-cinchonine HCl, (-)-cinchonidine HCl and (+)-tartaric acid have been studied. The CD spectra of these complexes in presence of(+)-cinchonine HCl and (+)-tartaric acid consist of two Cotton bands of opposite sign. The lower energy negative band I is observed between 16,667-16,949 cm-1 ([THETA] 0.5-11.9 deg.1.mole-1 cm-1). The higher energy positive band II is observed between 19,607-20,000 cm-1 ([THETA] 1.25-10.0 deg.1.mole-1 cm-1). These complexes have a mirror image spectra in presence of (-)-cinchonidine HCl. These CD bands have been assigned to electronic excitation to A1 and B2 upper states. The levo rotatory enantiomers of these complexes except [Cr(phen)2ox]+ enriched in presence of (+)-cinchonic HCl, have been assigned DELTA absolute configuration around the metal ion. The levo rotatory enantiomer of [Cr(phen)2ox]+ ion is enriched by (+)-cinchonine HCl and has (sic) absolute configuration.