The reductive electrochemistry of methyl viologen (My2+) was surveyed in the presence of sodium dodecyle sulfate (SOS), sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (SOBS), Dodecyl ethyl dimethyl ammonium bromide (OEOAB) and Sorbitane rnonolaurate (SPAN 20) micelles, by considering the UV -visible technique. The effect of different surfactants on the reduction of methyl voilogen radical was studied by using the UV-visible technique. The possible interactions of the anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants with the reduced methyl voilogen in the miceller and premicellar phase were discussed. In a definite range of concentration it was suggested that MY'+(MethyJ voilogen radical) resides ,\!articularly in non­'aqueous environment, such as miceller hydrocarbon core, Detection of MY' in the presence of anionic surfactant is possible through the peak heights of the UV -visible spectra, while in case of cationic and non-ionics, no observable changes occurred in the premicellar as well as in micellar concentrations.