This investigation aimed to study the role of different contents of nano-slag, as well as various doses of gamma-irradiation on physical and mechanical properties of rice husk-polyvinyl chloride particleboard composites. Equal proportions of rice husk fibers and polyvinyl chloride polymer were used. The treatment of rice husk fibers with silane coupling agent showed a significant improvement in both mechanical and physical properties of the prepared particleboard composites as compared to those containing untreated rice husk fibers. Moreover, the partial replacement of polyvinyl chloride with different percentages of nano-slag namely 5, 10, 15, and 20% by the weight of polymer manifested a good effect on the properties of the resulting particleboard composites precisely at 10%nano-slag. In addition, the effect of different gamma-irradiation doses on the properties of the particleboard composite specimens that contain 10% nano-slag showed an enhancement in the physical (thickness swelling %) and mechanical (flexural strength, and hardness) properties. In addition, the results elaborated that the irradiated particleboard composites had a good thermal stability.

M. M. Younes, H. A. Abdel-Rahman and E. Hamed