Effluent samples were collected from some of the marble industries located in the Industrial Estates of NWFP and were chemically evaluated for the panmeters like TSS, TDS, BOD, COD, and metl.lslike Cr+', Fe+2, Zn+2, Pb+2, eu+2 and Ni'2, These values were compared with the National Environment Quality Standards, (NEQS) and it wu found that most of the values are higher then the standard limit ofNEQS.The TSS values are in the range of 1915 to 2915 mwL for the samples collected from Industrial Estate Hayatabad. Its values ranges from 985·2219 mWL for Industrial Estate Hattar and from 675·2212 mwL for Industrial Estate Oadoon 525·1612 mWL (or G.T.Road and 824­4010 mWL for scattered Industries. Similarly the TDS vallies ranges from 2617·2840 mWL for Industrial Estate Hayatabad, 2328·3955 mWL for Industrial Estate Hattar, 2140·3688 mWL for I.E. Oadoon, 1523·3880 mwL for G. T. Road and 1617·2280 niWL for scattered Industries. The COD values ranges from 50·75 mWL for Industrial Estate Hayatsbad, 96·160 mwL for Industrial Estate Hattar, 110-240 mWL for Industrial Estate Oadoon, 82·210 mwL for G.T:Road and 96·128 mWL for scattered Industries. The BOD values in almost all the samples of the Industrial Estates were found to be within the permissible limits of 43·59 mWL Trace toxic metl.ls were also found to be within the permissible range. however in some samples they exceed the NEQS