New Hofmann-Td type complexes in the form of Ni(pp)2M(CN)4 (where pp =              1-Phenylpiperazine and M = Cd or Hg) have been prepared in powder form and their infrared (4000-100 cm-1) and Raman (2800-1650 cm-1) spectra have been reported. The results suggest that these compounds are similar in structure to the Hofmann-Td type complexes, in which the M atom is tetrahedrally coordinated to the carbon atoms of the four cyanide groups, while the Ni atom is octahedrally surrounded by six nitrogen atoms, two of which are from pp ligands which have been coordinated as a unidentate ligand coordinating only through the NH nitrogen and the rest are from cyanide groups. In this host structure, the M(CN)4 groups have been linked by the Ni(pp)2 moieties to form a three-dimensional network.

cemal parlak ,