Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were modified by oxidation with sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) solutions and were employed as adsorbents to study the adsorption characteristics of copper ions from water. The results show that adsorption capacity of CNTs treated by NaClO solution can be greatly enhanced. The adsorption capacity of Cu2+ on as received and modified CNTs increased with the increase of pH and CNTs mass, but it decreased with the temperature. Experimental data also indicated that the adsorption process could achieve equilibrium within 40 min. Both Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models fitted the experimental data very well. According to the Langmuir model the maximum copper ions adsorption uptake onto modified CNTs was determined as 40.00 mg/g. Our results suggest that CNTs have profound potential application in environmental protection.

Yu-Jun Zhang, Jun Yang, Bo-Liang Liu and Yuan-Dong Xu