In this research work, natural rubber (NR) hybrid composite was prepared by incorporating industrial waste such as marble sludge with three different types of carbon black (CBdt) to be precise as CBN330, CBN550 and CBN660. Samples were mixed on two roll mill and vulcanized at 150° C. The effects on the curing characteristics, mechanical and swelling properties of NR hybrid composites of CBdt with MS were evaluated in CBdt and hybrid combinations of MS/CBdt. It was found that gradual increment of CBdt in MS/CBdt hybrid composite decreased the scorch and cure times, however the minimum and maximum torques increased with increasing CBdt in particular hybrid composite. The overall mechanical properties tended to increase, however the % elongation at break, resilience and abrasion loss decreased with increasing CBdt. The swelling ratio has also been observed to be decreasing and cross link density and shear modulus increasing with CBdt incorporation.

Khalil Ahmed, Khalid Mahmood and Sheraz Shafiq