In this investigation, adsorption of Cu2+ on a-Alumina has been studied by means of batch-technique. Percentage adsorption was determined for a-Alumina-Copper solution system as a function of contact time, pH, adsorbate concentration and temperature. Adsorption data has been interpreted in terms of Freundlich and Langmuir equations. Thermodynamics parameters for the adsorption system have been determined at three different temperatures. The value of ΔHo=15.822KJ/mole and ΔGo=-1.0775KJ/mole at 288K suggest that the adsorption of copper on a-Alumina is endothermic and spontaneous process. The desorption studies especially with 1 % NaOH, 1% CaCl2and 1%HCl at given copper loadings on a-Alumina show that no significant percentage of the element is reversibly desorbed.