This paper reports characterization and distribution, along with international comparison, of the concentration levels of twelve selected metals in effluents, adjoining soil and groundwater simple taken from three textile industrials located in Hatta, Industrial Estate NWFP, Pakistan. Metal analysis in these media was done by FAAS system using automatic background compensation. The result show elevated levels of CR, Pb, Ni, Co, Fe, Ca, Na, K and Zn in these media following the order: soil > effluents> groundwater. Comparison with background and international data revealed that the textile effluents are containing the soil and groundwater. Cr and Pb were dominant toxic metals in soil samples having concentration of 5.96 mg/kg-1 and 4.46 mg kg-1, respectively static, along with correlation coefficient and linear regression supported the fact that various elevated metal concentration emerged from the textile industrial; effluents ultimately leading to contamination of the soil and ground in their proximity thus adversely affecting the local environment.