Penaeid shrimp (P .monodon and P. penicillatus) among dominant cultured shrimps were analysed to assess the uptake potentialities of copper and cadmium at different temperature.  It is observed that the survival is directly proportional to the intensity of temperature. Uptake of Cu at 25 °C on 100 μg/l exposure was to be 2.34-2.60 μg/g dry wt. and Cd was 1.56-1.65 μg/g dry wt. The concentrations of these metals determined by AAS at 30 °C and 40 °C were 8.45 μg/g and 7.20 μg/g for Cu and 7.25 μg/l and 6.27 μg/g of dry wt for Cd in P. monodon. The same amount was determined in P. Penicillatus respectively. The uptake of these metals increased with the increase in temperature and gradually variable at every larval stage of both species depending upon size of these specimens. The survival rate was found to be directly proportional to uptake of metals with increased  toxicity of copper and cadmium.