This investigation is based on the removal of chromium (III) from waste water by batch adsorption process using natural bentonites as an adsorbent collected from various locations of Pakistan. Bentonite contains montmorillonite, which has the quality to adsorb inorganic and organic materials. The quantities of chromium (III) ions in water before and after the treatment of its standard solution (8 ppm) with different samples of bentonite were determined by atomic absorption spectroscopic method. The adsorption of chromium (III)  was studied at room temperature i.e. 30 ºC, pH 7 and 200 mesh particle size using 50 mL of metal solutions and 25 gram of  bentonite samples for one hour.  The percentage adsorption for chromium on bentonite samples was also determined. It was found that bentonite is suitable adsorbent for removal of chromium. This method is preferable over other methods as it is simple with no complex apparatus involved.